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Tri-City Kennel Breeder Referral Program

Tri-City Kennel club and its members are committed to the promotion of purebred dogs and understands that the welcoming of a dog as part of your family is a commitment that may last 10 years or more.  With this understanding it is important that your dog comes from a responsible and reliable breeder. Good breeders are small scale so they usually don’t have pups/dogs available right away. That’s the bad news, the good news is that good reputable breeders know good reputable breeders and will assist you in connecting with them. Avoid breeders who usually have pups. Puppy mills and back yard breeders seldom do anything with their dogs except breed them.

Reputable breeders are about the dog, not the money and good breeders do things with their dogs. Many things. For example, attend a dog show. This is one of the best ways to find a good breeder as most puppy mills and back yard breeders don’t attend or enter their dogs in dog events.

Lastly, when buying a dog ask for the American Kennel Club (AKC) number and name of the parents. Do not accept unregistered dogs or dogs who are registered with such places as the American Pet Registry, Continental Kennel Club or the United All Breed Kennel registry.

AKC information does not guarantee quality but it does allow you to look up what you need to know. Good reputable breeders will supply this information without question. They want you to have a good dog as much as you want it.


Breeder Referral Contact

David VanLandegen

309 – 738-0152


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